Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Chunky Monkey Frozen Dessert 

So…I read a while back that Ben & Jerry’s was coming out with non dairy versions of some of their ice cream flavors. Pre vegan days I loved their Chunky Monkey flavor.
Yesterday Frank and  I were in Publix Super Market and I had a craving for ice cream (which I very rarely have).  I went to the section where they keep( what little selection they have) the non dairy ice cream. Lo and behold sitting proudly on the top shelf were three different flavors of Ben & Jerry’s new line of non dairy frozen dessert.  And there it was in all its chunky glory my favorite flavor in non dairy form. I snatched it off the shelve, did my little happy dance, which always makes Frank smile, and we were on our way.  I could hardly wait to get home and try it. 


For those who don’t know, Chunky Monkey is banana ice cream YUM with chunks of chocolate and walnuts mixed in.  When I opened the lid it looked like my old favorite. Took that first spoonful, Frank staring at me with anticipation and…it wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. There wasn’t that creamy banana taste that I loved so much.

  The chunks were there like I remembered but it just didn’t work without the banana taste. Don’t get me wrong,  it was ok as far as non dairy ice cream goes. If you never tried the original dairy version you may enjoy this non dairy version more then I did.  I was really hoping for that WOW feeling I got when I tried the original for the first time, but Alas it just wasn’t there.  It’s a little pricey $5.49 for a pint and I can really do without all the extra additives and such that are in it. Not sure if I will give the other flavors a try.

It also dawned on me I can make my own version of this non dairy frozen dessert. It’s quick, easy, and only requires three ingredients…I’ll give you a hint… One of the ingredients is banana.

Check back with me tomorrow and I will give you a list of the ingredients and step by step instructions on how to make it. 

Have you ever tried anything you were excited about only to be disappointed ? Or have you tried something and found it to be even better than you thought? Feel free to share your comments. I love hearing about your experiences, the good, the bad, yeah and even the ugly.